File name Description
Calculator.pas Mathematical expressions compiler Brownian motion modelling
Matrix.pas Basic operations on matrixes and vectors
Gr3D.pas Simple 3D routines ( + light, rotations...)
Determinant.pas Sample code evaluating determinants
Gauss.pas A method for solving systems of linear equations
Compression.pas Experimental program on compression bitmaps using 2D-Fourier analysis
Fourier.pas Sample code on Fourier analysis Delphi project modelling golography and interference Sample Delphi project on 3D-modelling
Laplas.pas Sample code solving Laplas equation
Life.pas Advanced "LIFE" game 3D-"Life" game "Life" game on the surface of the torus
LifeTor.exe Compiled program "" Delphi project modelling charged particles motion
Random.pas Sample code modelling random oscillations Sample Delphi project on sound processing. Includes formulae compiler.
Waves.pas Sample code modelling waves on elastic surface (solving D'Alamber equation)
Generator.pas Delphi unit including such features as building graphics, generating sound and sound processing functions (Echo, Filter, Noise, Dynamic Compression...)
Wave.pas Delphi unit providing basic I/O operations for wave (.WAV) files
Tenzseat.pas Searches for the "critical points" of the matrix
Tailorrw.pas Sample code on evaluating Tailor's rows
Gistogram.pas Sample code on building gistograms (Pascal)
Paganism.pas Builds beautiful spirals - time infinity symbols (Pascal)
Elfield.pas Models electric field in metal (Cuprum)
Oscdelay.pas Models oscilations in systems with delaying parts (long wires etc.)
Monte_ca.pas Evaluates pi number using Monte-Carlo method
Sing_pc.pas Searches for single pieces of "boolean" matrix (for example, cutted sheet of paper)
Hanoi.pas Well-known problem concerning Hanoi towers
Elmag.pas Solves Maxwell's equations for metallic disk
LSM.pas Less square method for processing experimental data (general case)
LSM.exe Compiled program "LSM.pas"
LSM1.pas Less square method for processing experimental data (case of direct proportion)
LSM1.exe Compiled program "LSM1.pas"
Riemann.pas Delphi unit dealing with mathematical objects such as tensors in Riemann space Real-time model of three-end string Models on percolation theory (2D,3D simple grids), can also help you to build fractals Models gas outflow process in vacuum

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