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Basic matrix and vector algebra

Basic arithmetic operations (+ / -, multiplying, division, transponding)
+ Download Matrix.pas
Determinants, inverse matrixes etc.
+ Download Matrix.pas Determinant.pas
3D-Graphics: using matrix algebra
+ Download

Differential equations and field conversion

Laplas, D' Alamber equations etc.
+ Download Laplas.pas Waves.pas
From vectors and matrixes to multidimensional functions,
from basis to Fourier analisis
Random oscillations
+ Download Random.pas
Fourier analysis and it's appliances
+ Download Fourier.pas
Using all this in sound processing
+ Download 
Microsoft Wave Format specification

Basic concepts of Riemann geometry

+ Download Riemann.pas

Three-end string

+ Download

Statistics, diffusion processes and Brownian motion

Diffusion processes and Brownian motion
+ Download
Percolation theory
+ Download
Gas outflow process in vacuum
+ Download

Some advanced algorhythms

Gauss method for solving systems of linear equations
+ Download Gauss.pas
Translating traditional formulae recording to recurrent polish notation
and evaluating of formulae written in RPN
+ Download Calculator.pas
Approximate methods
+ Download Tailorrw.pas
Some useful equations
Golography and interference modelling
+ Download
Charged particles motion modelling
+ Download
Experimental program on bitmap file compression
using two-dimensional Fourier analysis
+ Download Compression.pas
Advanced "Life" game
+ Download Life.pas  LifeTor.exe
Less square method
+ Download LSM.pas LSM1.pas LSM.exe LSM1.exe Console programs
Calcualtion of implicit functions, specified by define integrals
+ Download Matrix.pas

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